Guesslang documentation

Guesslang detects the programming language of a given source code:

from guesslang import Guess

name = Guess().language_name("""
    % Quick sort

      -module (recursion).
      -export ([qsort/1]).

      qsort([]) -> [];
      qsort([Pivot|T]) ->
             qsort([X || X <- T, X < Pivot])
             ++ [Pivot] ++
             qsort([X || X <- T, X >= Pivot]).

print(name)  # >>> Erlang

Guesslang supports 20 programming languages:

C C# C++ CSS Erlang
Go HTML Java Javascript Markdown
Objective-C PHP Perl Python Ruby
Rust SQL Scala Shell Swift

The current guessing accuracy is higher than 90%.

You can contribute to Guesslang on Github

For implementation details, please check How does Guesslang guess?

Apps powered by Guesslang


Chameledit is a simple web-editor that automatically highlights your code.


Pasta is a Slack bot that pretty pastes source code.


GG is a silly guessing game.